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Explore the best practices for robust connectivity for unmanned aerial and ground systems

Unmanned Connectivity

Learn how to scale your drone operations up and beyond the visual line of sight.

Use Cases for BVLOS Connectivity for Law Enforcement

Understand how BVLOS and system portability can optimize your law enforcement, drone first responders, public safety and many others. Gain full situational awareness for successful missions.

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Data Sheet: Elsight’s Halo for Commercial Operations

For Drone BVLOS Flights & Ground Unmanned Systems. Learn how by aggregating public or private cellular communications, SatCom and RF in a secured bonded pipe, your missions go beyond the visual line of sight.

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Data Sheet: Elsight’s Halo for Military Operations

For secured, connection confidence in military and HLS NLOS-C2 deployments. Use a portable, low SWaP card to set up NLOS surveillance or monitoring station in places without infrastructure. Get high BW for data transmission within minutes.

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AUVSI Webinar | Drone BVLOS Architecture Best Practices

As the BVLOS drone industry expands and new players enter the market, the importance of correctly setting up an architecture to support true highly available BVLOS operations cannot be understated.

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Optimal Connectivity for Commercial BVLOS Drone Operations

Make informed decisions regarding the design of your BVLOS drone platform and the selection of technology and equipment.

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Webinar | BVLOS Drone Connectivity Best Practices

In this webinar, we’ll be offering UAV manufacturers, service providers and component specialists the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the world of BVLOS drone connectivity.

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Creating Future-Proof UAS for Public Drone Programs

Drone technology has the potential to be a game-changer for public agencies. Elsight's state-of-the-art connectivity technology can aid you in your journey

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Compliance with FAA Remote ID regulations

Remote ID for drones is already an FAA requirement. Learn about the tech behind Remote ID and why the Halo is the best solution for your Remote ID needs

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Guide - Seize your piece of the $45 Billion dollar drone market

We know what lies ahead for you, if it’s BVLOS, regulation, integration, partnerships or revenue orchestration, so we decided to create a guide, that will make sure you won’t miss a thing!

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On-Demand Event: The Halo Value Investment Program explained

Learn about the benefits of the Halo Value Investment Program and how it can help you scale your BVLOS operations

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Guidebook - BVLOS SWaP guide

All you need to know about drone SWaP tradeoffs - It's time to get your drone ready for BVLOS with the optimal size, weight and power balance

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Case Study: Gadfin Aerologistics systems - A success story

Learn more about how Elsight's drone enabling technology helped Gadfin achieve their business goals

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Data Sheet: Halo BVLOS Drone Technology

Connect - Beyond the line of sight, Get Certified, and Scale

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Ebook: BVLOS across the drone industry

The most informative BVLOS vertical ebook that will help you go from limited LOS to exponential business growth

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Guidebook: The Ultimate Guide for Drone Connectivity 2021

All the secrets you need to know about drone connectivity for any kind of operations

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Data Sheet: Halo Makes Agriculture Smart

Connecting farmers to the field,
In Real-time

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On-Demand Webinar: Scaling BVLOS UAV operations

Learn about Scaling BVLOS autonomous UAV operations - The new era of UAS

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Technical Information

All the bits & bytes at your convenience

Halo - System flow

Learn about the entire system flow - Bi-directional data flow powered by Halo

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