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Halo delivers connectivity where it really counts, from LOS (Line of Sight) to BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), in any environment, for any drone/UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) use case. With a certifiable UAV solution that’s easy to integrate and simple to operate,
it’s time to scale!

Halo Connectivity Platform

Halo, powered by AI-based drone communication technology, can easily be integrated into any UAV or drone of any size
and provides unlimited range connectivity. Ideal for your platform, made for your business.

The Ultimate Drone Connection

Trusted. Experienced. Ready.

Halo has been rigorously tested by regulators globally in changing environments. Whether you are developing, manufacturing or providing services with UAVs/drones, imagine what could you accomplish with BVLOS certified absolute connection confidence!


Connection uptime


Unmanned operations


Flight hours

Go BVLOS with Elsight

Why Halo?

Packed with features that go a long way — literally.
Halo’s robustness makes it the optimal solution for connectivity challenges in any BVLOS drone or UAV, in any environment.

Certifiable BVLOS Solution
AI-Powered Connectivity
Unlimited Range
High Bandwidth
Low Latency
Fully Secured
Optimal Fail-over Protection
Cloud Managed
Easy to Integrate
Reliable &

How is Halo different?

The limitations of existing solutions for BVLOS operations

  • RF solution - allows data transmission and control but lacks the redundancy and requires line of sight between the drone/UAV to the operator.
  • Satellite solution - These on-board solutions are usually bulky and heavy, and the cost to operate is much higher. Though they do not require direct line of sight, they do require open skies above them and have low redundancy.
  • Single cellular solution – Bandwidth is too low and there is no redundancy between links and therefore is not reliable enough. 
  • Multicellular SIMs or RF X SIMs solution with link failover only - Gives some level of redundancy but with communication drops. The bandwidth remains of a single cellular network. Lacks bandwidth and link optimization capabilities.
  • Halo powered by 6th sense - Offers full redundancy, high bandwidth, low latency, data security, and overall operational safety by aggregating all available IP links (4X cellular and others as necessary) to a one bonded link. Data Costs are optimized and controlled by you, and SWaP (size, weight, power) ratio is optimal for any type of drone/UAV.
Type of solution
  • Halo - Powered by 6th sense
  • Direct RF link
  • Single 4G/LTE Sim
  • Dual 4G/LTE with cold failover
  • Direct RF link with 4G/LTE failover
  • Satcom
Get your competitive advantage today!
Use Cases

Go BVLOS, get ahead of regulation with secure and reliable drone technology. Expand your offering and scale
your UAV/drone business. With Elsight's connectivity technology for unmanned and drone communication,
limitless applications and use cases can be leveraged across a variety of sectors.
Your needs, our flexibility

Delivery & Logistics

C2 communication
Minimize payload
BVLOS certification

Precision Agriculture

Data transmission
Real-time decision making
BVLOS certification

Security & Defense

Real-time control
Data transmission
Secure connection

Industrial & Inspection

Data transmission
Autonomy enablement
BVLOS certification

Commercial Fleets

Multi-drone c2
Secure connection
BVLOS certification

Partnering with Elsight brings you closer to scale & growth!

This is how our partners use Halo to solve their BVLOS challenges
Hear the voices of real customers, and see how Halo solves the drone connectivity challenges of their unmanned aerial vehicles, creates business opportunities, and helps overcome regulatory requirements, all the way to actual growth!

Grow your drone business with Elsight
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