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Connection uptime


Unmanned operations


Flight hours

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Why Halo?

Packed with features that go a long way — literally

Certifiable BVLOS Solution

AI-Powered Connectivity

Unlimited Range

High Bandwidth

Low Latency

Fully Secured

Optimal Fail-over Protection

Cloud Managed

Easy to Integrate

Reliable &

Use Cases

Your needs, our flexibility

Delivery & Logistics

C2 communication
Minimize payload
BVLOS certification

Precision Agriculture

Data transmission
Real-time decision making
BVLOS certification

Security & Defense

Real-time control
Data transmission
Secure connection

Industrial & Inspection

Data transmission
Autonomy enablement
BVLOS certification

Commercial Fleets

Multi-drone c2
Secure connection
BVLOS certification

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This is how our partners use Halo to solve their BVLOS challenges

Hear the voices of real customers, and see how Halo solves the connectivity challenges of their unmanned aerial vehicles, creates business opportunities, and helps overcome regulatory requirements, all the way to actual growth!

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