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About Us

Elsight was founded in 2009 by Nir Gabay and Roee Kashi, two ex-IDF soldiers from the Israeli intelligence community. Elsight’s first products were focused on the world of audio & video transmission. Following success in this area with the defense and homeland security sectors within Israel, Elsight launched a successful IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2017 (ASX:ELS). In 2019, the company started to shift its focus to the unmanned market. The biggest milestone was when Elsight launched their flagship product, the Halo, the world’s premier BVLOS connectivity solution for drones and other unmanned vehicles in 2020. Halo bonds up to four LTE and 5G cellular links, as well as RF and SatCom connections, into one secure VPN pipeline, connecting drone and ground control station with an unbreakable link and providing absolute connection confidence, 24/7.

Today Elsight has become the market leader in BVLOS communication solutions, and has partnered with over 70 different drone and UAV manufacturers and operators who are all using the Halo as their connectivity solution, in many cases embedding the Halo in the design of the drone and proceeding to regulatory certification of their drone with the Halo onboard. Some of Elsight’s customers include DroneUp, Spright, SpeedBird Aero and numerous others in the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Our Company Values

  • Ownership

    We are decisive, not waiting for others to act, and are accountable for the results of our actions.

    Ownership at Elsight means acting with initiative to bring about the best results. Caring about the outcome of the smallest to the largest projects as much as the owner of the company would.

  • Excellence

    We strive to excel at all tasks, from the largest to the smallest

    Excellence at Elsight means ensuring everything we do is of the highest quality. We act with the utmost in professionalism in every aspect. We set ambitious goals and achieve them, eschewing mediocrity.

  • Passion

    We approach things with drive and enthusiasm

    Passion at Elsight means having a “can do” approach to tasks. We continuously strive to be in action, meeting things head on and with our best foot forward. We identify the winning picture and then do what it takes to achieve it and make it happen.

  • Teamwork

    We are part of a team that is greater than the sum of its parts

    Teamwork at Elsight means working together and stepping up when required to achieve a shared goal. Every person possesses unique strengths which build the team and help it grow. We treat our counterparts with the respect with which we ourselves wish to be treated.

  • Communication

    We communicate clearly between all parties to ensure data is never “lost in transmission”

    Communication at Elsight means passing along information in a manner that is more than getting a message from Point A to Point B. We have mutual respect for ourselves, our customers and our investors. We act with integrity, communicate with transparency, and have tolerance for others.

  • Innovation

    We think beyond the visual line of sight

    Innovation at Elsight means thinking about the future and making it happen now. We encourage curiosity and take risks on new ideas. We learn from our mistakes and we raise the bar – both at Elsight and for the entire industry.

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