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Newspapers, Coffee machines, Cookies, and Halo?

What does Halo have to do with all three mentioned above? Watch the video!

A special day in Covid-19 WFH routine

During Covid-19 limitations, and while some worked from home, we drove around Israel, meeting the team and giving away t-shirts and holiday gifts.

Unmanned Connectivity

Learn how to take your drone business from POC mode, to Growth

Elsight enabling drone technology – wide-scale BVLOS drone delivery experiment in Israel – 2021

“In the first live trial of a two-year test phase launched in January, rural Hadera’s airspace was turned over to five private firms that flew drones on criss-cross runs designed to test the responses of a control room in the city of Haifa, 56km (35 miles) away.”

Halo – BVLOS connectivity technology

See The Value Halo Delivers To Unmanned Platfroms And How It Can Help You Go BVLOS!

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