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Explore the best practices for robust connectivity for unmanned aerial and ground systems

Unmanned connectivity - Go BVLOS with Elsight

Customers speak about the Elsight Halo

We visited some of our partners to hear what they had to say about Elsight and the Halo. With over 80 global partners and over 75,000 BVLOS flight hours, the Elsight Halo is the industry standard connectivity solution providing absolute connection confidence for BVLOS flight operations.

DroneUp Case Study Video | Elsight

When DroneUp needed a connectivity solution to enable their drone deliveries, they turned to Elsight. Elsight’s Halo provided the necessary 99.9999% uptime enabling DroneUp to achieve the levels of safety and reliability required for BVLOS drone delivery.

Spright Case Study Video | Elsight

When Spright looked for a connectivity solution to enable their drone fleet and #BVLOS operations, they turned to Elsight. The Halo has since become Spright’s default C2 on all of their air and ground platforms.

MissionGo Case Study Video | Elsight

When MissionGo needed a connectivity solution to enable their #drone fleet and BVLOS operations they turned to Elsight. The field-proven Halo convinced MissionGo of its suitability after the very first demonstration.

Elsight Halo - the ultimate BVLOS connectivity solution

Maintaining connectivity between a drone and operator is a huge challenge, with additional challenges involved in controlling drones Beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). The next generation Halo platform provides the solution, allowing complete connection confidence and providing over 99.98% connection uptime for your unmanned vehicles. Visit to learn more about the Halo

Elsight's Halo powers Auto-mate's autonomous connectivity

Auto-mate, an Australian autonomous mining company, uses the Elsight Halo as their connectivity solution for all of their autonomous vehicles, including heavy machinery such as the Cat 775

The Future of the drone industry is Now

A high number of autonomous drones operating BVLOS – no longer a murky vision of the future seen through a seer’s crystal ball, now a reality with the help of the Elsight Halo. Built-in onboard Drone Remote ID capabilities, support for 5G communications and CM-level accurate GPS show the versatility and necessity of having a Halo on your unmanned platform. As the drone industry evolved and grows, the truth is now plain to see: The Future of the drone industry is Now

Elsight - The Birth Of The Drone Industry

Unmanned aviation has firmly entrenched itself in modern life. While its benefits are already being felt across a wide range of sectors, a huge seam of potential is still yet to be tapped. The key to unlocking this next level of utility is the widespread adoption of BVLOS – beyond visual line of sight flight operations.

Elsight - Go Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) With Elsight

BVLOS operations of the future will expand to offer critical infrastructure inspection capabilities, aerial surveying and mapping, mining, construction, precision agriculture, firefighting, search and rescue, supply chain management, logistics support with applications for public and private organizations, citizens, governments, and manufacturers. Elsight delivers the future of absolute connection confidence. Connectivity is the ability for technology platforms to interact together and is extremely fundamental to the success of the future of BVLOS UAVs. However, without the ability for connectivity solutions to be matched with autonomous flight capabilities, the potential of these technologies cannot fully be realized with respect to economies of scale.

Elsight - The Success Story Of Elsight & Gadfin Aerologistics Systems

Gadfin was created with the purpose of developing the next stage of drones especially for VTOL’s for cargo. Being able to fly long distances and with BVLOS capabilities, Gadfin has a great product but was in need of Elsight’s drone communication technology to achieve their business goals. Watch how Gadfin and Elsight accomplished their successful partnership!

Elsight - Client Testimonials - Hear Our Clients' Opinion About Using Elsight's Halo

Hear what companies such as SAFE Group, Gadfin & Cando have to say about Elsight assisting them in solving their connectivity challenges, getting drones certified and fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) by creating new business opportunities and helping them to overcome regulatory requirements, ensuring actual business growth. Watch how Elsight ensures actual business growth!

Elsight Enabling Drone Technology - Wide-Scale BVLOS Drone Delivery Experiment In Israel - 2021

In the fields of Hadera, Israel, a 40-minute drive from Tel Aviv, Elsight transformed the rural airspace into an exciting drone experiment area by having 5 private firms testing drones with BVLOS flights! The drones flying on crisscross runs were designed to test the responses of a control room in the city of Haifa, some 56km (~35 miles) away. The drone technology used by these 5 worldwide operating companies which are leading the way in the drone delivery business, will soon be responsible for delivering the Big Mac you ordered online. Watch how airspace was taken over here!

Elsight - Halo "Always-On" Connectivity Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

Maintaining communication between a drone and operator is a huge challenge. Even more so, when it concerns long distances. Beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) it’s almost impossible to control drones. At Elsight we decided to provide a real perfectly functioning solution with our next generation Halo platform. Watch to learn more about Halo.

Proud To Enable The BVLOS Era - Elsight

Unmanned aviation has firmly entrenched itself in modern life. While its benefits are already being felt across a wide range of sectors, a huge seam of potential is still yet to be tapped. The key to unlocking this next level of utility is the widespread adoption of BVLOS – beyond visual line of sight flight operations. For more info visit us at:

Virtual events - Available on demand

Halo Value Investment Program (HVIP) - A Virtual Event Explaining Our VIP Program - Elsight

What will you learn from this event recording: – get first-hand insights about our VIP “Halo Value Investment Program” (HVIP) – learn what it takes to apply to the program – hear from our BVLOS experts about the technological & business benefits of HVIP and the Halo Value Investment Program fundamentals. We created the HVIP to support the industry and push drone businesses to commercial BVLOS operations at scale.

Elsight - The Global First Responders: FirstNet, ESN, And Elsight On Covid19 IoT Implications

First responders often face challenges communicating, collaborating and managing a coordinated response in the field. The emergence of Covid-19 has underscored the importance of building a full solution ecosystem that strengthens the resilience to pandemics. Listen to experts from FirstNet, built with AT&T and the UK’s emergency services network discuss their perspectives and real-world experiences on well-designed, mission-critical solutions, including the importance of the underlying advanced technical features driving them and the case for strict certification requirements and how to navigate these processes. Elsight COO Yoav Amitai will also be joining to show how their halo platform, powered by Elsight technology, enables medical teams on the move or on the ground to communicate with command centers in real time. Elsight’s unique bonding technology is based on existing cellular network infrastructure. It offers the transmission of live video, audio and critical medical data to command centers, where doctors can evaluate and examine patients remotely.

Elsight - Scaling BVLOS Autonomous UAV Operations - The New Era Of UAS

In this video, Elsight’s CEO Yoav Amitai and FlightOps CEO Shay Levy discuss how to scale BVLOS autonomous UAV operations in the new era of unmanned arial services. 2020 has given us many major milestones for the UAS and UAV ecosystem, with manufacturers expanding their offerings to support the needs of the market. Regulators have globally opened up the skies for beyond visual line of sight flights, and many use-cases have emerged, including, but not limited to Covid-19. This is transforming autonomous BVLOS UAV operations with whole solutions for the ever-growing challenges. The autonomy and connectivity challenges are deemed to be the barrier to scaling autonomous beyond visual line of sight operations to commercial levels, especially in the eyes of the operators, regulators, and manufacturers.


Dawn Of Drones | Episode 15: Scott Jonasz And Beni Farkas Of Elsight

“Livestreamed: 2021-11-10T00:00:00.000Z Sponsor Of The Month: Iris Automation Website: Www.Irisonboard.Com Episode Sponsor: Elsight Website: Https://Www.Elsight.Com/ Episode Description: Join Our Dawn Of Drones Community On Discord And Connect With The Speakers: Https://Discord.Gg/EDSmNuKw4y Never Miss A Stream And Bookmark Us On Your Favorite Networks: DroneLife YouTube: Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Channel/UCIp7AIw3bDZLRceIIMtmpVw Dawn Zoldi’s YouTube: Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Channel/UCFGodYF39gCI6CN6Dno6YYQ DroneLife’s Facebook: Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Dronehome DroneLife’s Twitch Channel: Twitch.Tv/Dronelifetwitch DroneLife’s Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/Drone_Life”

Critical connectivity - Absolute connection confidence

Elsight - A New Era Of Connectivity - Providing Reliable Broadband Everywhere

The other 4 billion (O4B) – bridging the digital divide worldwide, there’s a huge gap between those who are able to benefit from the digital age and those who are not. The lack of proper internet access and other communication technologies or information can, and is already, causing a disadvantage to people in less fortunate or remote places. People without proper internet are unable to obtain digital information of importance, shop online, or learn skills and offer their own skills to make a living, be self-sufficient and contribute to a flourishing economy. Bridging this digital divide is one of Elsight’s main goals, enabling those who cannot yet benefit from the digital age’s advantages to get full stabile access anywhere in the world. Watch how Elsight connects the world here

Elsight - Newspapers, Coffee Machines, Cookies, And Halo?..

What does the Halo connectivity device have in common with the 3 mentioned above? Well, if you are looking for a reliable source, something that continuously functions, and can be integrated in unmanned platforms and many other devices, watch and discover what Halo does have and the newspaper, coffee machine and cookies don’t! Watch the video now (preferable with some cookies)!

Elsight - Halo By Elsight Delivers Reliable High Bandwidth

Elsight’s Halo delivers reliable high bandwidth communication possibilities for drones, connected cars, smart cities and the internet of things (IoT). Halo is the perfect match for any place where communication is critical, providing an advanced communication platform specially designed to cover these challenging areas. Learn more about Elsight’s Halo here.


Elsight Humans - This is us

Elsight - A Special Covid-19 WFH Daily Routine Surprise For Our Great Team!

As a great part of our team was working from home due to the Covid-19 limitations, we drove around Israel, meeting our great colleagues, giving away holiday gifts, t-shirts, hearing what makes working at Elsight so much fun and simply having a good laugh together! Watch to find out who makes the best birthday cakes at Elsight!

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