ISO-9001 Quality Management Policy

  • The organization upholds a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard requirements, out of a desire to meet the requirements of interested parties, laws and regulations belonging to the environment within which the organization operates, and this in order to provide customers with service/a product that matches requirements, and to attain continuous improvement of the quality management system’s effectiveness.
  • The organization carries out its work while maintaining other applicable laws and regulations within its area of activity.
  • The organization’s management recognizes the need to implement control mechanisms within its area of activity.
  • The organization runs a dynamic risk management array within its area of activity and operates at all times to minimize risks.
  • The organization’s management is dedicated to a process of continuous improvement and promoting the organization’s quality management system by designating quality goals for the organization’s activity.
  • The organization works towards increasing employee and subcontractor awareness to the aspects of the organization’s quality management system.

, ISO-9001 Quality Management Policy



Regulation #4, section 5.2, dated 1.1.2022

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