cloud management platform for unmanned vehicles

Control, maintain and configure your BVLOS drones using Elsight’s tailored drone cloud management platform

What is AllSight?

AllSight is a centralized platform that provides comprehensive visibility, management, and control of all Halo devices, allowing users to monitor drone connectivity for the entire fleet as well as the statuses of all Halos on board every unmanned vehicle.

AllSight provides a one-stop cloud-based software solution that guarantees ease of use of the Halo for all Elsight partners. Access AllSight to manage, control, and support your drone fleet from anywhere!

AllSight Drone Cloud Management Platform

Device Management

AllSight provides users with the ability to remotely configure the Halo devices onboard their drones, and to add or delete Halo devices from the rotation. AllSight also allows users to assign Halo devices to dedicated servers or regions.



With the Allsight cloud management platform, you can view every single one of your links on every single one of your Halo devices in real-time. The intuitive and user-friendly software provides crucial at-a-glance information on device status, location, network status, VPN status, and more.

Firmware Updates

Elsight releases regular firmware updates for all Halo devices, enhancing the system’s capabilities with new features and providing added value to our partners. With AllSight, these firmware updates can be applied OTA (over-the-air), saving time and providing you with the added convenience of keeping your unmanned vehicles at the cutting edge without having to recall them back to base.

RF Recording

Halo is configured to automatically record network RF conditions during each flight, and to upload all recordings to the cloud via the AllSight drone management software. These recordings provide critical information for planning future missions by marking local network conditions along the routes flown by your unmanned aircraft. Recordings captured by Halo also provide vital data that can be utilized by aviation regulators and mobile network operators.

Customer Support

AllSight provides users with access to Elsight’s highly knowledgeable and experienced support team, who are able to provide you with expert assistance with new and ongoing projects, and confidently troubleshoot a wide range of issues.


With the AllSight cloud platform, partners can access all audit and system logs from Halo-powered drone flights.

AllSight Drone Cloud Management Platform in Action

The AllSight drone management platform provides Halo users with a significantly simplified onboarding and configuration process, reducing the amount of time between receiving the drone connectivity hardware and getting it airborne. With AllSight, the entire process takes no longer than a few hours.

Users of the AllSight drone management software benefit from greater control and access to the inner workings of the Halo devices. Independently change configurations, permissions, servers and more, without needing to open a ticket or wait for assistance from the Elsight support team.

The AllSight drone management ecosystem grows along with Elsight’s partners. Not only does it make Halo usage as easy and hassle-free as possible, it also allows users to benefit right away from new features and upgrades, ensuring that they remain at the cutting edge of drone connectivity.

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