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Cellular Communications for UAV Ground Control Stations

All UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), whether remotely controlled by a pilot or undertaking autonomous operations, require some kind of hardware that can monitor the aircraft...

Unlocking the Potential of Remote ID for the Drone Industry

Thanks to the explosion in UAS (unmanned aerial systems) technology development, drones are now a mainstream and highly accessible tool in many different commercial sectors....

Drones for Sustainable & Precision Agriculture

As the global population reaches 8 billion and continues to rise, the demand on the world’s food producers has also increased dramatically. Farmers around the...

Accelerating Mining Operations with Drones & Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Providing essential raw materials for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial processes, mining is high up on the “dull, dirty and dangerous” job list,...

Urban eVTOL – the reality and the challenges of the new civilian transport paradigm

Urban eVTOL, also widely referred to as urban air mobility (UAM), is a futuristic aviation concept that aims to solve the growing issues caused by...

LTE Cellular Connectivity for UAS Command & Control

One of the most crucial elements of successful drone operations is the provision of reliable communications and data link that provides continued connectivity as well...

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