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From pipelines to offshore platforms, here’s how drones are used in oil & gas

Drone use in the Oil & Gas industry

From inspecting onshore and offshore refineries to preventing the theft of crude oil, drones are used in the oil & gas industry in several ways, across upstream, midstream and downstream segments. Let’s look at the different ways at how drones are being used in oil & gas.

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Drone upstream operations

Drones are used for upstream operations in order to improve safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance. Drones are used for monitoring vegetation, detecting spills, tracking gas emissions and more.

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Drone rescue operations

Drones can play an essential part in emergency response situations. HD images and video provided by drones can map fires and oil spills, helping decision makers effectively deploy resources to remedy the situation.

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Deliveries with drones

Drones can carry out deliveries of material, replacement parts and supplies to offshore rigs and other remote operations, instead of sending out a boat or helicopter to reach the rig.

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Drone pipeline Inspections

Drones can be used to inspect thousands of miles of pipelines at a fraction of the cost of inspections via helicopter. Drones carrying thermal imaging sensors can perform inspections which will help predict the health or critical equipment and can assist in forecasting potential malfunctions.

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Drone refinery inspections

Drones are used to inspect hard-to-access areas, such cranes and derricks, after severe weather. Inspecting risers and installation jackets limit dangerous rope access and inspecting splash areas with thermographic imaging can detect otherwise hard to detect corrosion.

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Drone facility inspections

Types of facility inspections which can be carried out by drones include inspecting inside chimneys to detect cracks and anomalies, and inspecting storage tanks for corrosion and leaks.

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