Military & Defense

Here is how robust connectivity can make your mission more effective, safer and cost efficient in military and defense sectors.

Optimizing the use of drone in military scenarios

Military and defense organization can leverage non-line-of-sight (BVLOS/NLOS) connectivity for data and video transmission via drones for wider situational awareness. 


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Avoid drones jamming

Physical and electronic warfare is conducted in many frequency spectrums that can be jammed. To avoid jamming, leverage civilian cellular communications.

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Extensive visibility in NLOS electronic warfare

Get wide visibility and situational awareness in non-line of sight (NLOS) targets in electronic warfare by using secured multi-link, bonded connectivity that doesn’t require GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) or point-to-point RF technology to enhance situational awareness in locations of NLOS.

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Instant surveillance towers with tethered drones

Use portable tethered drones for quick surveillance with extensive reach, particularly as a rapidly deployable asset for military units, border patrols, police forces and even fire departments.

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Rapid deployment of temporary, instant surveillance kits

Take advantage of on-the-fly, portable surveillance via uncrewed vehicles (UAVs) in areas that may be dangerous to personnel. Ensure high-bandwidth transmission of critical video and data from rapid deployment of instant surveillance drone kits.

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Landmine Discovery & Denotation for Defense

Use BVLOS drones to instantly detect, label and assign a GNSS tag to any surface mines and other explosive remnants of war without the need of endangering defense personnel.

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