Military & Defense

Here is how robust connectivity can make your mission more effective, safer and cost efficient in military and defense sectors.

Optimizing the use of UAVs (drones) in military & defense applications

From intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) to search and rescue, unmanned systems (UAVs, UGVs) rely on robust NLOS connectivity during military and defense operations. Leveraging non-line-of-sight (BVLOS/NLOS) connectivity with high bandwidth communications could deliver wider situational awareness. Elsight’s Halo provides uninterrupted, real-time data crucial for operational success and reduced risk to human lives. It extends the operational reach of unmanned systems through secure and uninterrupted NLOS communication, maintaining real-time control and video for effective mission execution.


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Avoid communications jamming

Unmanned systems jamming plays a pivotal role in electronic warfare strategies. When one communication channel is jammed, Elsight’s Halo keeps operations working by using other channels.  Halo’s multi-link and secured transmission avoids jamming or hijacking by offering communication alternatives. In addition, the likelihood of the red team taking down public cellular communications is low as it would affect them as well.

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Extensive visibility in NLOS electronic warfare

Get wide visibility and situational awareness in non-line of sight (NLOS) targets in electronic warfare by using secured multi-link, bonded connectivity that doesn’t require GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) or point-to-point RF technology to enhance situational awareness in locations of NLOS.

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Robust communications relay

Elsight’s Halo maintains connectivity between the various military units and to the control center wherever the communication infrastructure is compromised or where there is no visibility. Halo succeeds in bridging communication gaps, ensuring reliable connectivity and delivering high-bandwidth and prioritized transmission for better situational awareness of many military personnel.

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Rapid deployment of temporary, instant surveillance kits

Elsight Halo offers portable, on-the-fly surveillance and quick operational readiness in complex, risky environments. Halo-powered drone kits ensure high-bandwidth video and control transmission in NLOS conditions, providing real-time situational awareness within minutes of installation in areas without infrastructure.

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Faster search and rescue

Search drones navigate vast, rugged terrains, quickly and efficiently pinpointing lost or injured individuals. Halo’s reliable communication ensures real-time video and data transmission beyond the operator’s line of sight, enabling faster response times and significantly improving the chances of successful rescues.

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Safer logistics and resupply

By delivering supplies to front-line units in hard-to-access locations, unmanned systems significantly reduce risks to human life and ensure troops have adequate supplies. Halo-powered unmanned systems provide secure, real-time control and video transmission even beyond the operator’s line of sight, keeping them operational over long distances, enabling accurate locations for the drops.

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