From surveying to safety, here’s how drones are used in construction

Construction Companies Using Drones

From surveying land to mitigating safety risks, from inspections to theft prevention, drones are being widely used by construction companies. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which drones are being used by construction companies.

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Monitoring progress with drones

Drone imagery can be used to give construction site managers visibility into how a project is progressing, improve communications between teams and on-site collaboration. Drones can also be used to reveal construction errors.

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Drones for work validation

Drone video can be used to create millimeter-accurate exact replicas of projects in order to validate the work against 3D models.

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Topographic mapping with drones

Drones can accurately map out terrain so as to determine feasibility with construction plans and to better visualize potential construction projects.

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Drones for surveying land

Drones are able to survey land at a fraction of the time and cost required to produce the same results manually, on land or by helicopter. Using these surveys, construction teams can understand what the project will look like and how it will impact the local area before beginning work.

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Inspecting structures with drones

Drones can provide high-definition detailed inspections of structures and buildings, without the need for scaffolding. Thermal sensors on the drones can detect electrical issues, leaks, and other areas of concern.

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Drones to track equipment

On large construction sites with a wide range of different types of equipment spread out over a large area, drones are able to track equipment locations and help guide construction vehicles to their designated locations. Drones can also monitor where resources are deployed and route them to where they are needed most.

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Construction site security with drones

Drones patrolling over construction sites are able to provide on-site security with advanced warning, and giving security teams more visibility over the entire construction site to prevent theft of construction equipment.

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