From crops to cattle, here’s how drones are used in agriculture

Drone Use in Agriculture

From monitoring and maintaining the health of crops to tracking herds of cattle, drones are used in agriculture in a myriad of ways, as wide ranging as agricultural products themselves. Let’s take a look at the different ways at how drones are being used in agriculture.

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Soil and crop monitoring with drones

Drones are efficient tools for crop and soil monitoring. High-definition images taken from the air can then be used to create 3D images and 3D maps for analysis. These maps can then be used to create patterns for seed planting, manage irrigation levels, determine levels of nitrogen in the soil and track crop development as the season progresses.

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Drones for crop spraying and irrigation

Drones are able to be equipped with high-powered multi-spectral sensors or thermal sensors which can be used to identify dry conditions in a field or crops which are unhealthy. Drones can then be used to accurately provide a precise amount of water or chemicals to the location in order to remedy the situation. Another advantage to using drones, beyond their accuracy, is that targeted application reduces the amount of chemicals being introduced into the groundwater.

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Crop health inspection with drones

High-definition images taken by drone can determine if crops are being impacted by bacteria, disease or pest invasions. The earlier these are detected, the more farmers are able to apply remedies to the impacted crops, possible saving the entire crop from being destroyed.

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Herd management with drones

High-resolution photos taken with drones can help keep track of herds, allowing farmers to track movements, conduct accurate stock counts and identify areas of concern.

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Seeding with drones

By utilizing drones, farmers can ensure that the seeds and nutrients required for germination are placed in exactly the right location. This provides a double benefit, increasing the planting quantity and providing a significant reduction in costs over human planting.

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All these agricultural use cases are supported by Halo

  • Drones for crop spraying
    and irrigation

  • Soil and crop monitoring
    with drones

  • Crop health inspection
    with drones

  • Herd management
    with drones

  • Seeding with drones

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