Drones for Inspections

Railways, bridges and property, here’s how drones are used for inspections

By Ben Gross

Drone Use for Inspections

Railways, bridges and property, let’s take a look at the different ways at how drones are being used for inspections.

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Bridge inspections

Instead of performing manual bridge inspections, which include walking along maintenance paths with mirrors, sensors and other apparatus, or rappelling and hanging off the sides of bridges, drones are becoming standard equipment for carrying out bridge autonomous bridge inspection missions. Drones can inspect difficult to reach areas and undersides of bridges without the needs for ropes and other equipment, allowing personnel to stay safely on the ground.

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Railway inspections

Drones are used by private freight companies to inspect railway radio towers, railway bridges and remote railway networks. Rail supporting infrastructure and overhead lines are inspected for defects or damage after weather events, and track ballast, fasters and switches are inspected for corrosion or missing parts.

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Property inspection

Drones are used by building façade inspectors to examine structures instead of having people rappel down the sides of buildings, and insurance companies are using drones to carry out time-sensitive and dangerous claims inspections while keeping employees safe and out of danger areas.

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