6th Sense Connectivity: Unprecedented Uptime for Drones & Unmanned Vehicles

Ensure absolute connection confidence for your drones and unmanned vehicles with Elsight’s innovative, secured and robust connectivity

What is Elsight’s 6th Sense?

6th Sense is the algorithmic AI solution which is behind the Halo’s unprecedented over 99.8% uptime, ensuring absolute
connection confidence for your drones and unmanned vehicles.


How does Elsight’s 6th Sense work?

When setting up the link between the drone and the Drone Network Operating Center (DNOC), Halo initializes a control channel from each datalink path, measuring its relative performance.

Halo then detects in real-time HRT latency, packet loss, network congestion and other factors, which it uses to balance the traffic load between available links. This ensures complete data reliability. Data traffic is then duplicated and split into discrete packets, sent along a secure VPN pipeline back to the DNOC and recombined, providing absolute data integrity and redundancy.


Elsight’s 6th Sense in Action

Halo can predict the performance of each data path in a specific time and location, optimizing the traffic based on these heuristics. Halo is also able to determine network-link priorities and switch between them as circumstances demand.

If Halo detects a downgrade in network performance, 6th Sense studies the characteristics of each path, understanding the root cause and choosing the best way to mitigate it.

Knowing how to balance the traffic between the links, we’re able to provide Halo’s trademark absolute connection confidence, ensuring constant and consistent connectivity between your drones and the DNOC. Halo is also able to provide a detailed audit trace of how much data was sent from and via each link, what caused a change in link ratios, and the current performance of each link.


Using Elsight’s Halo, powered by our proprietary 6th Sense technology, you can give your BVLOS operations the lift they need to reach the next level. Contact Elsight now to learn more about how Halo, the industry-agnostic BVLOS solution can be tailored fit your BVLOS needs.

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