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Elsight web site has Terms of Use statement in it, based on the GDPR requirements, there is asection regarding Privacy:

“We respect your privacy and are committed to protect the information you share with us. Webelieve that you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we collect when youconnect to, access or use the Site. Our policy and practices and the type of information collected aredescribed in details in our Privacy Policy which is incorporated herein by reference. You agree thatElsight may use personal information that you provide or make available to Elsight in accordancewith the Privacy Policy. If you intend to access or use the Site you must first read and agree to thePrivacy Policy and Cookie Policy.”

You acknowledge and agree that all Users will read and understand Our Privacy Policy beforeaccessing or using the Services. By using the Services, you acknowledge and affirm that you haveread and understood our Privacy Policy and that Your Data will be processed in accordance with OurPrivacy Policy and this Agreement and may be processed in a country where it was collected. Byusing the Services or submitting Your Data through the Services, you expressly consent to suchprocesses. To the extent You provide personal information about a named person or entity that is nota current User of Our Services, You represent that You have that person’s or entity’s consent to doso.”.

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