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Event 38 Unmanned Systems Teams Up with AviSight in Selecting Elsight’s BVLOS Connectivity Solution to Achieve Precise Data Collection in its Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspections Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles Event 38 and AviSight, a provider of critical infrastructure inspections, announced the use of Elsight’s Halo, an AI- based UAV connectivity solution, to enable beyond the visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) inspections with precise data collection in extensive oil & gas pipeline inspections over difficult terrain. At the heart of this collaboration is Elsight’s Halo, a lightweight, highly reliable communications system. Halo’s AI-based software aggregates multiple IP links to a secure bond using public and private cellular, satellite, and RF technologies ensuring uninterrupted drone communications even in the most challenging environments. Whether it’s disaster response, surveillance, deliveries or lengthy remote inspections, UAV (uncrewed aerial vehicle) flights powered by the Elsight Halo complete the mission with continuous transmission of high-bandwidth video and data to the command-and-control center (C2).

Pioneering Aerial Firefighting: Bushfire and Wildfire Risk Mitigation with Smarter Drones Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Why drones excel in bushfire and wildfire risk mitigation and response Integrating drone technology in bushfire and wildfire response offers a transformative approach to firefighting, from early detection and monitoring to aiding evacuation efforts and suppressing hotspots. There are even advances in drones’ ability to extinguish fires and transport people out of burning buildings. Drones excel in firefighting response thanks to several key advantages: Aerial vantage point Drones soar above the flames and smoke to provide firefighters and emergency personnel with a real-time, birds-eye view of the situation. This critical information supports better decision-making regarding resource allocation, evacuation routes, and overall fire containment strategies including finding entry and exit points. Agility and maneuverability Unlike traditional aircraft, drones are highly agile and maneuverable. If properly equipped with the right sensors and cameras, drones can navigate complex terrain, penetrate thick smoke, and reach areas inaccessible to ground crews.

Robotican & Elsight Announce Partnership for Optimized BVLOS Counter UAS Missions Susan Becker, Marketing Director

“Even in regions with minimal signal coverage, Elsight’s Halo can provide a quick and consistent connection between the Goshawk aircraft and its control station,” said Robotican’s CEO Hagai Balashi. "Elsight’s Halo system delivers the most solid LTE link that Robotican had ever experienced, in addition to high-quality data streaming. In testing, the Halo performed seamless handover of the aircraft control from one pilot to another, thereby reducing the risk of C2 failure significantly.”

State of Play: Latest Developments in Drone Remote ID Around the World Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Remote ID has already emerged as the agreed-upon technology for enabling greater levels of safety and accountability among drone operators in the increasingly crowded national airspaces around the world. Spearheaded by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with input from a variety of key industry figures and regulatory organizations, Remote ID aims to provide UAS (unmanned aerial systems) with a digital equivalent to the automobile license plate

Part 1: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS Opportunity Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Part 1: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS challenge: explosive growth and expanding market opportunities

Part 2: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS challenge Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Part 2: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS challenge: explosive growth and expanding market opportunities

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