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Elsight’s Halo is a Game Changer for Growth of Australian Drone Market Susan Becker, Marketing Director

Elsight’s Halo is a game changer for predicted explosion in drone flights in Australia Key highlights: - Elsight’s Halo can provide the necessary complete connection confidence for uncrewed aerial systems flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) needed to facilitate industry - The Halo system enables significant reductions in required personnel for unmanned traffic management systems to scale. - New report predicts drone flights in Australia to top 60 million by 2043. - Aerial taxis could be flying by late 2030s.

Elsight unveils its Worldwide Halo drone communications platform. Susan Becker, Marketing Director

· Drone operators, manufacturers, and other uncrewed aerial system users everywhere can now use one Halo connectivity platform in any location worldwide that has network coverage · Worldwide Halo retains low weight, power and size for an optimised SWaP and portability · Increased use of worldwide SIM cards to reduce expenses in Elsight’s supply chain over time

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