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Roee Kashi, is the co-founder & CTO of Elsight. Roee is a leading expert in the fields of BVLOS connectivity for uncrewed systems; building highly available, secured, and scalable DNOCs (Drone Network Operations Centers); Remote-ID/Network-RID; and IOD (Internet of Drones).


Roee designed and led the development of Elsight’s flagship device, the Halo, as well as the Allsight cloud as Elsight’s Communications as a Service platform.


In 2021, Roee delegated the role of VP R&D to become a full time CTO, and to focus on Elsight’s vision and technology innovation.

Eyes in the Sky, Arms Beyond Reach: The Indispensable Role of Beyond the Visible Line-of-Sight Communication in SOF (Special Operations Forces) Missions Roee Kashi CTO

Special operations forces (SOF) are tasked with executing some of modern warfare's most complex and high-risk missions. These missions often take place in hostile environments, where stealth, precision, and rapid response are paramount. In this demanding operational landscape, the integration of UAVs and UGVs has proven to be a game-changer, providing SOF units with enhanced capabilities and a decisive edge.

Extending NLOS Situational Awareness for Military and Defense Unmanned Systems Roee Kashi CTO

The importance of non-line of sight missions in military and defense campaigns cannot be overstated. In all types of rugged terrain and environments, intelligence gathering remains as the key factor in gaining the advantage. Communications that are transmitted from behind blocked views offers situational awareness of unmanned systems. When there is a continual flow of video and data situational awareness the military personnel can make the right decisions.

A New Era of Military UAV Communications to Power Advanced Warfare and Defense Applications Roee Kashi CTO

Military UAVs have become indispensable in the modern defence and security strategy, serving many roles, from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions to direct combat roles. Remote UAV operation offers a strategic advantage while minimizing the risk to human life in high-threat environments.

How 5G Drones Delivered Red Bull to Rampage Athletes Roee Kashi CTO

(Note: this blog post first appeared as a guest post by Elsight CTO, Roee Kashi, on the T-Mobile blog.) When in areas as remote and...

Out of the dark comes Mobile SD-WAN Roee Kashi CTO

Learn about Mobile SD-WAN and why it extends connectivity further than traditional Software-defined WAN. Read about pros and cons of MoBile SD-WAN and how Elsight's Halo addresses the challenge of Mobile Connectivity.

Scaling commercial BVLOS drone delivery – Is it all about UAV regulation? Roee Kashi CTO

Scaling commercial BVLOS drone delivery - Is it all about UAV regulation? Drone delivery, direct to your door.

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