Resources by: Ben Gross

Ben has more than a decade of experience with small and growing tech startups in Israel’s highly competitive startup ecosystem, helping them expand to reach their full potential.


As Director of Marketing at Elsight, Ben is responsible for all Marketing activities, including working with customers and partners both domestically, and internationally. Ben also hosts the Drone Source podcast, interviewing influencers, up-and-comers, and notable position holders in the BVLOS drone and UAV industry.

Detect-and-Avoid: A Cornerstone of Safe Integrated BVLOS Drone Operations Ben Gross

For much of the relatively short history of civil and commercial drone flight, safety protocols have been fairly straightforward and easy to implement. Most operations...

The Impact of Connectivity on Ground Robotics Autonomy Ben Gross

Ground robotics autonomy has the potential to revolutionize industries and transform the way we approach a range of tasks. By enabling robots to operate with...

Tethered Drones: A Persistent Capability for Situational Awareness and Communications Ben Gross

One of the biggest design challenges for many drone manufacturers is the maximization of the aircraft’s range, and how to squeeze every last bit of...

Measuring and Monitoring Environmental Impact with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Ben Gross

As the world’s population continues to increase and rising global temperatures contribute to more frequent extreme weather events, gathering environmental data has become an even...

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Drone Propulsion Methods? Ben Gross

While small UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) are now commonly used in a variety of civil and commercial applications, many of these platforms suffer from a...

Cellular Communications for UAV Ground Control Stations Ben Gross

All UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), whether remotely controlled by a pilot or undertaking autonomous operations, require some kind of hardware that can monitor the aircraft...

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