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The Evolution of Connectivity

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That is Elsight’s promise.


Welcome to the world, Elsight!

The company was founded by two visionaries, Nir Gabay & Roee Kashi, who sought to innovate the world of video and audio transmission.


Company goes public; launches first specialty product

Elsight went public on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), disrupting the connectivity industry with "6th Sense", the first-ever AI-powered connectivity technology.


Halo hits the market

The connectivity platform that delivers connectivity to the edge. Solving a wide range of challenges, enabling new industries and creating profitable businesses.


A rocket ship

The perfect storm. With years of experience in the Israeli defense industry, and a deep understanding of connectivity challenges in the market, Elsight materializes its potential, and delivers network access to customers on a global scale.


Social distancing — a digital divide

Bridging the digital divide for remote businesses and network deprived areas, enabling individuals and teams to connect to each other. From healthcare, to education, to logistical services. COVID-19 exposed the gap in network access, and we're closing it.

2021 & Beyond

Absolute connection confidence

Helping partners and businesses scale their operations, accelerate revenue streams and enhance profitability. Think of connectivity as a growth engine.

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