All Your Connectivity Needs in One Place: Elsight Halo, AllSight cloud management platform and ConnectAll mobile connectivity plans

Elsight’s Halo-as-a-Service is the premier BVLOS connectivity offering for drones and unmanned vehicles. Halo-as-a-Service provides you with the Elsight Halo, the world’s best BVLOS connectivity solution, powered by 6th Sense AI; AllSight, Elsight’s cloud management platform; and ConnectAll, Elsight’s tailored mobile connectivity plans.

Halo-as-a-Service provides:

  • Low cost

    Initial payments starting from as low as $699, then low monthly payments

  • Access to Allsight

    Elsight’s cloud management platform

  • Flexibility

    Freeze and Reactivate Elsight Halo and AllSight based on your needs*

  • Warranty and SLA

    For entirety of product lifetime*

  • Advanced Product Features

    Including Remote ID, hyper-accurate positioning, MAVlink support, and more.

  • Elsight ConnectAll

    Mobile connectivity plans for BVLOS drone operations

* Terms and conditions apply

Elsight ConnectAll

When operating drones beyond the visual line of sight, maintaining connection between the drone and the ground control station at all times is critical. The Elsight Halo’s ability to connect on and monitor multiple mobile networks simultaneously is what allows you to maintain that connection. Now, with Elsight ConnectAll, Elsight offers tailored mobile data plans with dedicated carriers to ensure connection with your drones is never dropped.

  • Usage-specific

    Elsight ConnectAll can offer you plans tailored to your needs and each drone’s individual data usage.

  • Region-specific

    Elsight ConnectAll’s plans are tailored for your geographical region, providing you the best plan for your drone’s area of operations.

  • Hassle-free

    Elsight ConnectAll offers an end-to-end data plan, managing multiple SIM cards on multiple networks all from one platform.

  • Single source

    Using Elsight ConnectAll, your data usage is seen as originating from a single point and not from multiple mobile networks. This simplifies planning, budgeting, and cost control.

Halo-as-a-Service : Customized Packages

Elsight ConnectAll’s data packages are scalable, flexible, and automatically optimized to meet with each customer’s individual requirements. The Elsight ConnectAll team will assist you in designing a plan which is based on existing drone’s mobile data usage or on future estimated use.

  • Elsight ConnectAll

    Elsight ConnectAll is competitively priced and easily configurable, making it easy to automatically move between packages based on usage and for maximum cost efficiency. ConnectAll is a no-hassle, plug-and-play solution for your mobile connectivity needs.

  • Halo-as-a-Service

    The Halo-as-a-Service package is the best BVLOS connectivity offering available, allowing you to instantly begin flying and operating drones BVLOS.

For more information on Halo-as-a-Service and the Elsight Halo, get in touch now!

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