By elsight | November 26, 2019

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In an article published on Tuesday 26 November, Australian technology investment news website TechInvest reported on the release of the new version of Elsight’s Halo flagship product to the market.

From the article:

“The company has identified multiple commercial opportunities for Halo v1.1 in a number of fast growing industries such as autonomous vehicles, security, defence, and aviation, and is focused on converting a number of existing POC sales opportunities into commercial contracts.

Mr Gabay said Elsight is now in the process of delivering the first 90 units equipped with Halo v1.1 to a select group of strategic customers.

“After several months of collaboration with strategic POCs, we are very excited to announce that we are releasing our new and improved version of the Halo platform,” Mr Gabay said.”

The article also addressed the opening of Elsight’s North American offices in Atlanta, GA, USA, and the hiring of Ms. Karin Zalcberg to lead the Company’s sales and marketing operations in the region:

“As part of its international growth plans, Elsight has decided to open its first US office in Atlanta, Georgia, and appointed Karin Zalcberg as Director of Sales and Marketing for Elsight North America.

Ms Zalcberg has an extensive background in intelligence and cybersecurity, and has worked closely with business leaders to provide strategic solutions for company-wide transformation, including solving organisational challenges and scaling to new markets.

Mr Gabay said the North American market is of great strategic importance to Elsight, and the company remains focused on extending its ongoing work with a number of Original Electronic Manufacturers (OEMs) in both the defence and civilian sectors.

“We have a very large and growing market opportunity we are now in a strong position to address. Our decision to open a US office and make the necessary staffing changes is key to ensuring we realise our commercial potential and identify compelling new opportunities in the market as we approach 2020,” he said.”


Full article can be read here

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