Spright selects Elsight’s ‘Halo’ as the command-and-control link provider for their emerging UAV healthcare delivery network

By Ben Gross | August 31, 2022

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Drone delivery network will leverage four cellular networks and satellite oversight for navigation

Denver, CO, August 30, 2022  – Spright, the drone division of Air Methods, announced today that it has partnered with Elsight, the industry leader in drone connectivity solutions, as Spright’s C2 reliable link provider for in-flight connectivity.

Elsight’s ‘Halo’ solution will integrate onto Spright’s fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) executing operations to deliver healthcare products and supplies between hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

“Halo leverages four major cellular networks, as well as satellites, to allow for safe and secure BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone operations,” said Joe Resnick, president of Spright. “With the implementation of this solution on our aircraft, Spright is now becoming a safer and more efficient autonomous solution for the pick-up and delivery of healthcare goods. Safety and mission continuity are key for Spright, and for the industry as a whole as well as regulators, which is why we chose Elsight as the best solution to fit those needs.”

Spright is currently executing proof of concept missions at a variety of locations, demonstrating that a drone-based approach to addressing healthcare supply chain and logistics challenges is  safe, efficient, and secure.

“The flexibility inherent in the industry-agnostic Halo means the various use cases being fielded by Spright will all be supported. said Yoav Amitai, CEO of Elsight. “We look forward to seeing Spright expand across the United States and into Europe, building a long-term positive relationship between our two innovative companies.”

As part of this agreement, Spright will also become an official ‘Halo’ reseller in the US in addition to being its C2 (Command and Control) reliable link provider. Under the reseller terms, Spright will perform configuration and lifecycle management on the Halo at more than 300 US locations.

For more information, please contact:

Ben Gross

Elsight Limited 

T: +972-50-8452086

E: ben.g@elsight.com


About Spright

Spright is the drone division of Air Methods, created to help solve for many of the toughest challenges facing communities across North America. This innovative, drone-based solution is tasked with leveraging emerging aeronautical technology to create operational solutions that can be implemented locally. Based in Gilbert, AZ, Spright is a stand-alone Part 135 Operator with a leadership team that touts more than 70 years of aviation operational experience.

About Elsight 

Elsight (ASX:ELS) (www.elsight.com) Elsight delivers Absolute Connection with 24/7 Confidence. Our proprietary bonding technology incorporates both software and hardware elements to deliver extremely reliable, secure, high bandwidth, real-time connectivity – even in the most challenging areas for stationary, portable, or actively mobile situational requirements.


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