StartupDaily: “Elsight is ready to hit some exciting milestones”

By elsight | January 8, 2020

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StartupDaily published an article on Tuesday 24 December 2019 featuring several leading founders and others in the startup ecosystem. CEO Nir Gabay talked about Elsight’s exciting traction from the past few months, the plan to expand into new markets, and upcoming milestones for 2020.

From the article:

“While other Australian tech companies are winding down during Christmas, it’s business as usual over in Israel and Elsight are working hard on building on some of the great traction we’ve gotten over the last few months”

“The end of year gives us a great opportunity to reflect and plan for the year ahead as we look to expand into new markets like the US and build out our presence there”

“Equally, it’s important for our team to keep being inspired so one of the key things on my wishlist this year will be to encourage everyone to read more and get ready to hit some exciting milestones in 2020”

Read the full article here

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