THE MARKET HERALD: “Elsight receives Halo order from Alrena”

By elsight | August 18, 2020

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In an article published on 27 August 2020, The Market Herald reported that Elsight (ELS) has received its first Halo order from French company Alrena Technologies.


  • Data and video solutions company Elsight (ELS) has received its first Halo order from French company Alrena Technologies
  • These Halo units will be incorporated into a portable and light version of Alrena’s exisiting Smartmedicase, branded as Smartmedibag for remote COVID-19 patients
  • Smartmedibag enables independent nurses in remote areas to provide lifesaving treatment via telehealth to rural communities
  • It consists of audio, visual and data connections in real-time to provide quick and accurate care
  • To meet the demand of COVID-19 patients in rural communities, Alrena has placed a US$300,000 (around A$417,489) order for Halo units to be delivered between September and December 2020

Founder and President of Alrena Richard Kletizke said; “We created the Smartmedibag to enable independent nurses all over France to provide health care remotely, dramatically decreasing both response time and the necessity of patients to travel to hospitals”.

Read the full article here


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