Elsight Halo: Drone Enabling Technology – Dronelife Exclusive Interview

By elsight | March 22, 2021

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22 Mar 2021, Connectivity is critical for scaling drone operations – and the Elsight Halo is the tiny tool designed to ensure a secure and virtually unbreakable connection between drone and operator.  We spoke with Elsight’s VP of Global Sales and Alliances Scott Jonasz about the Elsight solution and traction and velocity in the drone industry.

From the interview:

  • “Halo provides drone companies with a solution that has real-world experience and a history of excellent performance. Companies can present regulators with solutions that include absolute connection capabilities for Command and Control, and no loss of communication with your drone.”
  • |We don’t offer traditional support, we are not a vendor, we are not a line on an expense sheet. We are your partner and we contract to guarantee your success – which is a major differentiator.”

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