Coming to GPEC and SOF Week! Elsight’s Halo Connection Confidence for HLS and Military Teams

“With law enforcement, HLS, public safety, and first responder organizations facing increasing challenges, the use of drones and other unmanned systems has been on the rise to provide additional intelligence,” said Roee Kashi, Elsight’s Co-founder and CTO. “We developed our Halo connectivity platform to add extensive situational awareness to every mission, while enabling remote management of one operator for an entire fleet.”

Extending NLOS Situational Awareness for Military and Defense Unmanned Systems

The importance of non-line of sight missions in military and defense campaigns cannot be overstated. In all types of rugged terrain and environments, intelligence gathering remains as the key factor in gaining the advantage. Communications that are transmitted from behind blocked views offers situational awareness of unmanned systems. When there is a continual flow of video and data situational awareness the military personnel can make the right decisions.

Eyes in the Sky, Arms Beyond Reach: The Indispensable Role of BVLOS Communication in SOF (Special Operations Forces) Missions.

Special operations forces (SOF) are tasked with executing some of modern warfare's most complex and high-risk missions. These missions often take place in hostile environments, where stealth, precision, and rapid response are paramount. In this demanding operational landscape, the integration of UAVs and UGVs has proven to be a game-changer, providing SOF units with enhanced capabilities and a decisive edge.

How BVLOS Drones are Transforming Border Security

BVLOS Drones: Transforming Border Security A vast desert landscape stretching endlessly or a dense jungle teeming with hidden pathways are the very environments that challenge traditional border security measures. As nations worldwide grapple with securing their borders, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has become increasingly crucial.

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