The Future of Connectivity: Scaling BVLOS UAV Operations

By Ben Gross | May 13th, 2021

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The global beyond-line-of-sight (BVLOS) unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) market worth $18.87 billion in 2018 is projected to climb to a value of $34 billion by 2029. This rapid growth is being driven by the development of advanced technologies that are making it possible to effectively scale unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone operations—without the need for pilots or extended-line-of-sight (EVLOS) platforms relying on constant observation—to deliver the future of connectivity for:

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BVLOS UAV operations of the future will expand to offer critical infrastructure inspection capabilities. Drones will be used for mining, aerial surveying and mapping, construction, precision agriculture, firefighting, search and rescue, supply chain management, logistics support with applications for public and private organizations, citizens, governments, and manufacturers.

The current generation of VLOS UAVs requires constant control by human pilots and only has a range of 0-500 meters. EVLOS UAV drones using extended-line-of-sight platforms extend that reach to 500m-3 kilometers. Future BVLOS drones will be fully autonomous and able to cover ranges exceeding 3 kilometers, without the need for pilots or observation.


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As the market develops, the shift towards autonomy creates the synergy needed to effectively scale drone operations to drive business value and utility for public-facing organizations. An extended range is an excellent starting point—though the goal in the future—is to deliver an unlimited range for drone operations over land, in the sea, through the skies, and into space.

To adequately develop the market for BVLOS  UAVs however, it is essential to establish enhanced regulatory standards that create frameworks for managing the new ways airspace will be used by drones in the future. Assuring the safety of the public and reliability of technology platforms used at scale over time remain chief concerns for drone service providers and the governmental agencies that regulate them. The economic scalability of this technology depends on the ability for service providers to field many drones at once, without the need for pilots, and the ability to navigate public air space in a safe, seamless and effective way.


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Elsight Delivers: The Future of Absolute Connection Confidence

Connectivity is the ability for technology platforms to interact together and is extremely fundamental to the success of the future of BVLOS UAVs. However, without the ability for connectivity solutions to be matched with autonomous flight capabilities, the potential of these technologies cannot fully be realized in respect to economies of scale.

Choosing the right original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the UAV industry is essential to ensure:

  • The shortest possible path to certification and regional as well as international regulatory compliance
  • The delivery of truly innovative solutions that can be scaled to offer profitable and cost-effective solutions for businesses and governmental organizations
  • The creation of flexible white label solutions that can be customized to meet strategic use cases for a variety of different industries and users
  • The ability to get leading BVLOS UAV solutions to market in the quickest, easiest, and most seamless way

The regulatory hurdles of earlier years are being cleared due to technological advancements and increased research-based knowledge and systems to certify the best practices of this emerging industry. Specific operation risk assessment (SORA) insights, proven certification methodologies, and the emergence of more clearly defined BVLOS drone technologies and operations are lowering risks, allowing drones to operate at longer distances, and delivering enhanced safety and robustness that allows for growth at scale.

The four most important capabilities for BVLOS UAV service providers to develop are:

  • The ability for multiple drone platforms to safely operate in public airspace with just a single operator or none at all required
  • The ability to automate mission planning, platform assignment, and safety and monitoring of UAVs
  • The ability to develop flexible platforms that can be customized to serve different use-cases for private and public sector organizations
  • The ability to go beyond geographic limitations to use fully autonomous drones to travel unlimited ranges over land, sea, air, or space

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The Next Giant Leap in Connectivity: Scaling Enterprise Access to BVLOS UAV Operations

Elsight empowers organizations around the world to harness the unlimited potential of the emerging BVLOS UAV drone industry. For the first time, it is possible to deliver unprecedented connectivity assurance and the means to certify and scale drone operations profitably.

The Halo connectivity platform is the ideal BVLOS drone connectivity solution for business that allows for an unlimited range of flight, multi-layer flexibility, and industry-leading failsafe connectivity. This Halo product invigorates your company to reach its business development goals by leveraging one of the most revolutionary technologies available in the modern world:

  • Certifiable BVLOS Solution
  • AI-Powered Connectivity
  • Unlimited Range
  • High Bandwidth
  • Low Latency
  • Fully Secured
  • Optimal Fail-Over Protection
  • Cloud Managed
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Reliable & Redundant

Let’s connect and discuss how your organization can take advantage of the new technologies driving the success of the global BVLOS UAV drone market.


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