Part 3: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS solution

By Susan Becker, Marketing Director | January 12th, 2021

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Part 3: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS solution
…if your Connectivity solution can pass Regulatory approval


The commercial UAV BVLOS solution…

Reliable, redundant, and cost-effective connectivity is a key factor to unlock certification. Your opportunity to obtain a profitable piece of the commercial $45B BVLOS industry relies tremendously on the reliability of your platform’s connectivity.

Having established that cellular is the most cost-effective connectivity path, the remaining issue is how to leverage the current 3G/4G-LTE and future 5G networks for reliable and redundant communication.  Technologies such as single or multi-sim – single provider LTE/4G, or 5G connection provide solution potential but are too limited in coverage and availability for safe, unlimited, and uninterrupted commercial BVLOS operations.

The answer is simultaneous, redundant utilization of a bonded network system.

Presenting regulators with an integrated communication platform inherently providing redundancy, and a reliable, fail-safe, connectivity protocol ensures your path to certification.



Enter – Halo

Halo connectivity platform provides a modular, multi-network, agnostic communication solution.

Halo’s use of hybrid WAN and modular technology provides the perfect connectivity solution. It provides Reliable, redundant, and cost-effective commercial BVLOS operations, and of more critical importance, regulatory certification.

Elsight has enhanced the Halo solution by incorporating the use of an advanced, “6th sense” fail-over protection system.  Our proprietary technology is based on aggregating multiple IP links to leverage the use of all available networks simultaneously. This method ensures unbroken transmission of critical command and control data for UAV operations.

Halo in real-time, and seamlessly during flight, isolates compromised transmission channels in its path. It then re-routes transmission to other available channels. In fact, it all happens while maintaining the concurrent usage integrity of all available networks.


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The best solution for safe commercial BVLOS flights, in terms of connectivity, is one that combines multiple flexible communication links. The connectivity method should be based on bonding capabilities, as this makes it much more reliable, safe to operate, and highly favorable to regulators.

Comparatively, relying on a single connectivity protocol compromises safety, and all but ensures certification rejection by regulators. The Halo platform has successfully harnessed the best of network technologies such as RF, 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE.


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Elsight’s SMART Start Program will accelerate your path to regulatory compliance, BVLOS operational scalability, and amplify your commercial success within the $45B industry.

For more information, schedule your complimentary session with an Elsight Strategic Consultant by clicking on the link below.


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