Part 1: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS Opportunity

By Ben Gross | December 29th, 2020

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Part 1: The $45 Billion Dollar commercial UAV BVLOS Opportunity
…if your Connectivity solution can pass Regulatory approval


Take a look at the commercial BVLOS UAV opportunity

Unmanned ariel vehicle services around the world are set to grow exponentially in various market segments. From commercial veterans to start-ups in the UAV/Drone industry, the market has yet to take advantage of it.

In fact, the frontier poised to experience explosive growth and expanding market opportunities is certifiable BVLOS (Beyond the Visual Line of Sight) operations.

Rest assure, BVLOS drones for commercial use will be the greatest contributor to the growth in the global UAV market, with revenues eclipsing $45B by 2025*


BVLOS UAV market growth by region
* MarketsandMarkets Report


Certification is key

According to the same article, UAVs in the commercial vertical will require an increase in certifiable BVLOS drones for mining & construction, inspection & monitoring, surveying & mapping, and aerial imaging in industries such as agriculture, media & entertainment, and energy & power.


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Therefore, The First Step in taking advantage of these opportunities is assuring your business will obtain licensing/regulatory approval.

Currently, with the regulatory process still to be finalized,  approvals come in the form of waiver certifications.  As we have experienced in other industries, the main point to remember is that as the UAV/Drone market and technology co-mature, waivers and approvals will become much more stringent. This means that the window to explore, test, and implement new technologies will begin closing.


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In Part 2, we will discuss the current and future challenges for mature operators and new entrants; and finally, in Part 3 we cover solutions available today – and engineered for tomorrow’s growth and scale.

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