Elsight continues to thrive in times of national emergency

By Ronny Vatelmacher - VP product and Business Development | December 17th, 2023

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In the wake of the tragic attack on October 7th and the ongoing concern for the welfare of Israel’s citizens, tensions are at an all-time high within the country. Elsight is happy to reassure business partners and well-wishers alike that the company’s operations have not been affected and that it continues to carry out all activities at full strength.

Elsight is headquartered in a safe and secure location and is thankfully able to confirm that none of its employees or their immediate families have been physically affected by the events of the conflict. The company has established a comprehensive set of contingency plans that will allow employees to work from home should the changing situation require it. Business continues uninterrupted, and the company continues to maintain all regular support and communications with its existing partners as well as expanding its sales and marketing activities with new ones.

The company has continued to grow even since the start of the current conflict, with a surge in new purchase orders from both new and existing partners under the company’s proven Design Win strategy. These additional orders, which were placed since October 7th and have already been shipped, totalled more than US$250,000 in value. Almost all were in addition to the expected revenue outlined in Elsight’s business plan. This acceleration in interest in Elsight’s industry-leading drone connectivity products has largely been driven by the military, defense and law enforcement markets, showing the versatility of the Halo platform and its application beyond commercial UAVs.

This recent success is testament to the quality of Elsight’s Halo products, the strength of its relationships with old and new customers like, and to the company’s commitment to pushing the drone industry forward. Elsight confidently predicts that this upwards growth trend will continue over the coming months.

Yoav Amitai, Elsight’s CEQ, commented on recent events: “Elsight Connection Confidence solutions can be used in many different use cases. The past 3 weeks have shown the strength of our product and its value. Furthermore, it is also a strong indication of the validity of our Design-Win strategy jointly with the resiliency and perseverance of our dedicated team which works around the clock to provide the best support to our partners and their needs regardless of the situation. Our entire team is glad to be part of those efforts.”

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