5G Solutions with Elsight

Incorporating 5G into your cutting-edge drone designs

What is 5g?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile cellular communications, poised to eventually take over from 4G as the dominant method. The wireless technology behind 5G uses a range of radio frequencies to provide its advanced communication capabilities. For the highest data rates in the 5G specification, high frequencies known as mmWave (millimeter-wave) are utilized.

Advantages of 5G over 4G



theoretical maximums a
hundred times faster than 4G.



5G supports a much larger
density of unique devices.



5G has a much-reduced
latency compared to 4G.

5g Solutions for Drone Operations

The massive increases in speeds and reduced latency could help drone operators keep pace with the ever-growing amounts of data generated by modern high-resolution cameras and sensors, and will also allow them to take advantage of data processing on cloud servers. Combined with the increased capacity of unique device density, this could facilitate drone swarm operations at a scale that has previously been unheard of.

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Improved Latency for Autonomous Drones

The improved latency provided by 5G is especially advantageous for autonomous drones, which will benefit from near-instant response for collision avoidance and other critical flight and navigation operations. Such capabilities are especially crucial for GNSS-denied navigation, which can rely on processor-intensive image analysis techniques to characterize and successfully move through the environment.

5G Power Efficiency

5G’s improved power efficiency will also reduce the SWaP requirements for cellular-connected drones, allowing smaller platforms to join future ecosystems.

Elsight’s Halo Supports 5G Drones

The carrier-agnostic Halo enables unmanned aircraft to utilize two, three, or four unique cellular datalinks from multiple providers, enabling you to take advantage of 5G’s advanced capabilities. Halo supports both SA and NSA 5G. The Halo’s low SWaP signature means you can take advantage of all the Halo with 5G support has to offer, without sacrificing on speed, weight or power to harness these awesome new capabilities.

  • Width


  • Height


  • Depth


  • Weight

    3 Oz.

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