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Reliable High Bandwidth Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Elsight’s Halo, the ultimate drone connectivity platform, delivers absolute connection confidence globally, even in the most challenging areas

Meet AI-driven drone connectivity

Elsight’s Halo is the first AI-powered connectivity solution for drones, guaranteeing constant uptime and connection between drones and ground control stations — Stationary, portable or mobile — See how it works

Your connectivity challenge, Solved

Ready. Set. Connect. Our flexible AI prediction algorithm senses network availability and adapts in real-time. Seamlessly switch over to the strongest available networks without the disconnection required from a traditional failover. Prioritize network preferences and let Halo do the rest.

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Unmanned Connectivity

Elsight's Halo provides BVLOS (Beyond the Visual Line of Sight) connectivity for drones, UAVs and other unmanned/uncrewed systems on air and on land. Powered by our proprietary 6th Sense technology, Halo provides absolute connection confidence for BVLOS operations, ensuring 99.8% connectivity uptime. Get ahead of regulation and scale and grow your business with Elsight.

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Certifiable BVLOS Solution

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5G Support

Elsight's Halo provides 5G connectivity for drones, UAVs and other unmanned systems on air and on land. Halo supports both SA and NSA 5G. The Halo’s low SWaP signature means you can take advantage of all the Halo with 5G support has to offer, without sacrificing on speed, weight or power to harness these awesome new capabilities.

5G connectivity

Certifiable BVLOS Solution

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Remote ID

Elsight’s Halo provides a built-in Remote ID module, supporting completely certified broadcast and network Remote ID, with no added room required on the drone, providing minimal impact on the SWaP (size, weight and power) budget of the aircraft.

Remote ID

Certifiable BVLOS Solution

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